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we will exchange any cryptocurrency for rubles | dollars in cash in one of our offices: Moscow | Kiev | St. Petersburg| Barcelona

No hidden payments

No intermediary companies involved

Volume up to 100 BTC

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The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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Questions about buying cryptocurrency

How long does the transaction take?
As a rule, the meeting, cash count, coins transaction and waiting for the transaction confirmation takes 15 - 30 minutes. Occasionally, when the network is busy or the transaction is made in a stock exchange, the transaction can take a longer period of time.
Can I make exchange anonymously?
Business Center "Moscow-City" is a high security facility. All visitors are required to show an ID document at the guard desk to obtain an entry pass. There is security and video recording facilities on the premises of the office center. If you want to remain anonymous, send a courier and a cash-in-transit vehicle. Ensuring security for dozens of our customers is more important than ensuring complete anonymity for a single one. The information about transactions is confidential.
How not to come across swindlers and not be cheated at cash transactions?
We devoted a whole section of our site to the analysis of fraudulent schemes. Be sure to read and understand it to save your money!
How many coins can I sell/buy by means of your exchanger office per day?
1-100 btc daily.
What does the per cent of the transaction fees depend on?
The interest rate depends mainly upon the bitcoin exchange rate as well as upon the dollar/CNY currency pair. The exchange rate regulates supply and demand in the market. If the rate is low, there are fewer sellers and supplies and those who would like to buy at a low price are more, the interest rate increases due to the deficit. If the exchange rate rises and shows another local height, a lot of people fix positions. There are more sellers and fewer buyers respectively. And the transaction interest rate decreases due to the surplus.
What currency are payments made in?
Most settlements are held in USD ($) as Bitcoin is quoted to USD, but we don't like the turnovers in USD or daily 3-6% volatility of ruble. We take euros and rubles as an additional service rather than we think it to be our obligation. We accept ruble not at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank and exchange offices, but at the average exchange rate set in the exchage offices as the initial position of the turnover is in USD. We choose an average exchange rate because we need to book the amounts in advance and the desired amount of money can't be always found at mentioned offices.

To find a reliable BTC cryptocurrency exchange office is not an easy task. But with our help you can be sure that you can actually do it without any hidden payments or intermediary companies in a safe office in Moscow-City. In this article we will tell you about the way the transactions are made you should no loger have any doubts.

Where is a safe place to exchange cryptocurrency in Moscow?

Safety matter when buying cryptocurrency is particularly topical. The news reminds us that Moscow is now seized by another wave of fraud. This is so much the case that “large companies” phone people themselves and offer earnings and exchange, but in fact they plan only their own benefit.

Another matters you can face:

  • your credit card is blocked if you use a doubtful online exchange offices;
  • Huge and even hidden fees for the procedure itself;
  • Cash can be stolen from a person who comes to exchange;
  • Other types of fraud when, for example, you are asked to send cryptocurrency in advance and then there are no replies;

It is important: too tempting working conditions should grow suspicions but not cheer you: extremely low fees, a tremendous list of payment systems. Such tools are often weapons in the hands of fake exchange offices and stock exchanges.  We strongly recommend you to contact only reliable companies.

You can find our office in Moscow-City at the address as follows: Federation Tower, East. Do not forget that one of the most common misconceptions is that it is most reliable to make an appointment in a crowded place like a shopping mall or a restaurant. Cases are known when criminals rented an entire Bank department to steal a large amount of money.

You can find a list of articles in “Crime Section” on our website. It describes schemes which swindlers use for commercial gain. Study it, choose reliable companies which have good feedback and can guarantee results.

How is cryptocurrency exchange carried out?

  • You send an application via the website, email, WhatsApp or Telegram – choose the way which suits you best.
  • We discuss the services you are interested in and agree upon a meeting for a specific date and time. It is necessary for a customer to give his/her personal details: last name, first name and patronymic so that we could make an entry pass to Moscow-City. This business center is a high security facility and all visitors are required to show ID documents at the entrance. There is video recording and security on the premises. All these measures allow us to guarantee the security of the transaction for our customers. It goes without saying that their personal information is confidential.
  • The meeting will be held at the appointed time in a comfortable environment, in a separate room over a сup of coffee. We will check the wallets, stipulate the amount, count the money using a counting machine and make a transaction. Money will come almost immediately within 20-40 minutes. Occasionally, when the network is busy, the transaction can be a little bit longer.
  • Only after the money has been credited we shake hands and say good-buy extremely pleased with each other.

Обмен крипотовалюты в Москве

Why is our office the best to exchange cryptocurrency?

  1. We work directly without any intermediary companies. We sell our currency and give our own money. At the same time most exchange offices in Moscow make transactions with a third party being involved and resell their assets. This is an extra risk for the customer because the deal can take longer time or even fail. We know a real case when as many as 13 intermediary companies carried out one exchange procedure. Is it possible to expect a successful outcome?
  2. It is obvious that it is more advantageous to buy cryptocurrency in Moscow with our help than in any stock exchange. Imagine that you have money in cash. There is no such resource that will allow you to make an exchange in one move. First, you will have to convert your money into electronic one like WebMoney. This is extra time and fees, of course.
  3. We guarantee the security of the transaction because we are as interested in its effectiveness as our customers.

You can phone us to consult or immediately arrange a meeting at the office at time which is convenient for you. Working with EggChange will allow you to buy cryptocurrency in Moscow safely and easily. There are good reasons why 80% of our customers come back to us.

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