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A risk free and reliable EggChange exchange office offers cryptocurrency exchange in Yekaterinburg. The question of safety and security of one’s own money is a matter of concern of lots of people. They want to cash out their money for e-currency in a safe manner. In order not to come across swindlers you need to choose a reliable exchange office which a lot of people use and which has a positive recommendations.

How to Choose a Safe Exchange Office in Yekaterinburg

The matter of safe cryptocurrency exchange is especially relevant today when swindlers come up with a huge number of schemes to deceive people and get their money. Plenty of companies betake to phone calls to attract customers, but in real life their conditions turn to be unprofitable.

Swindlers steal money by blocking a bank account when making exchange. They permanently come up with new clever schemes. Bitcoin exchange for rubles in Yekaterinburg is carried out at the office. You can ask our manager questions beforehand. “EggChange” office is located in the Central part of Yekaterinburg.

Advantages of Exchange at EggChange

When exchanging BTC for rubles in Yekaterinburg you should trust “EggChange” exchange office for the reasons as follows:

You can contact our manager by phone to get advice on how to exchange LTC for rubles in Yekaterinburg. Our specialist will answer all your questions, choose a convenient time and date for a customer.

How is the Exchange Transaction Carried Out?

Ethereum exchange for rubles in Yekaterinburg is carried out at a convenient time. First, submit an application to the official website, send an e-mail, contact our specialist by means of a most suitable messenger for you.

Convenient date and time, services you are interested in are discussed by phone. We meet to exchange digital currency for rubles, dollars and euros at the office in a convenient and comfortable environment. Financial matters are decided in a separate room. We always offer our customers a cup of coffee. Be sure to check the numbers of wallets, and the amount is discussed as well. Money is quickly transferred.


The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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