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Our company located in Samara provides the most convenient conditions for cryptocurrency exchange. As a result of mining or working with partners, it is necessary for a person or a company to convert cryptocurrency into rubles. Cryptocurrency is not included in the world financial system in full, the turnover is somewhat separate. This provides a greater range of different operations, it is possible to make transactions anonymously. At the same time the interest rate slightly increases when performing conversion into money.

There are a lot of swindlers in this sector, be alert and do not fall for their “excellent” conditions, otherwise you will have nothing. We charge a small per cent for the conversion into rubles as we act directly, with no intermediary companies involved unlike similar companies. We work with our customers in a fair manner with 4 major cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (classic and CASH), ltc, ethereum.

Bitcoin Exchange for Rubles in Samara

Bitcoin is the first and most capitalized crypto coin in the world. Frequent decreases and increases in its rate do not affect the popularity in business activity. In 2017 Bitcoin Cash, practically a similar coin, was introduced to simplify cryptocurrency transactions. The exchange procedure is transparent and fast:

ltc Exchange for Rubles in Samara

Litecoins are on the 4th place by capitalization in the world and are widely spread. Their function is similar to that of bitcoin technology performed by means of blockchains and in fact they differ a little from bitcoin. The currency is characterized by high reliability and low volatility. There is a tendency to capitalization growth. If you work with us, the scheme of exchange for rubles is similar to that of bitcoin. All you need is contact our manager.

Ethereum Exchange for Rubles in Samara

Ethereum takes the second place after Bitcoin in terms of total capitalization. The lag is large but some experts give this coin a chance to beat the leader. Ethereum uses a decentralized technology of the blockchain. Hundreds of successful global digital projects have been implemented based on this currency and this fact speaks volumes. There are no obstacles for us to exchange Ethereum for rubles. All you need is to call us; the procedure will be fast.

Btc Exchange for Rubles in Samara

BTC is a bitcoin appeared in 2009 as the first cryptocurrency. It differs from the Bitcoin Cash clone in a block size. BTC block size is 1Mb, while Bitcoin Cash block size is 8Mb. The exchange of the most famous cryptocurrency for rubles is described above.


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