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To buy and exchange Ethereum in Moscow is not an easy task. First of all, this cryptocurrency is less popular than bitcoin. Secondly, a lot of pseudo-organizations try to make their own profit with it. EggChange offers a safe and fast currency exchange in 40 minutes in the business center of the city. In this article we will analyze how it happens in detail.

Why do Moscow Residents Need Ethereum?

Ethereum is often called the cryptocurrency of the future. It became popular in 2017 because it significantly differed from other virtual money. This is the second most popular Internet coin after bitcoin and in fact it is an identical public and distributed network.

Where Can You Exchange Cryptocurrency in a Safe Way in Moscow?

Обмен Ethereum

Unlike bitcon Ethereum does not have enough good online medium for sharing. We recommend you to select the exchange offices which operate following the principle of “live” contact.

EggChange office is located in the prestigious business center of Moscow-City. We don’t hide our address: The Federation Tower, The East. Our phone number is 8-919-99-69-095.

Meetings are held upon mutual agreement: you give your last name, first name and patronymic, so that we could get an entry pass for you (this is a high security facility).

Until the transaction is completed, you can spend your time together with our employee over conversation and a cup of coffee. This will allow you to avoid fears and be 100% sure of the result. After the first visit our clients often choose a courier service for the Ethereum exchange in Moscow. He/she quickly delivers money in both directions.

How is Ethereum Exchange Carried Out?

  1. You visit our website and contact us in any way: by phone, by means of messengers or e-mail.
  2. We discuss all the conditions, you ask your questions and we appoint a convenient day and time for our meeting.
  3. When we meet, we check the addresses of the wallets, count the money again using a counting machine and send the transaction.
  4. Then we drink coffee and wait until the transaction is completed.
  5. Only after that the transaction is considered to be performed.


Why is Our Office the Best to Exchange Cryptocurrency?

Обмен Ethereum

Imagine that you have cash and you need to buy Ethereum in Moscow as soon as possible. As you know, there is no such an online stock exchange that will accept a money transfer. You will not find the purpose of payment such as “cryptocurrency” even if you go to a bank. What do you have to do? Right you are! To change money to electronic one, for example, for WebMoney.

You need to register and if it is referred to large amounts, it is also necessary to get the wallet confirmed. Of course, you should pay a fee for using the service. Imagine how much time and extra expenses you are going to have.

Or another difficult way: you need to open an account where cryptocurrency is legalized, say, in Venezuela.

But what’s such difficulties for if you can just contact the staff of EggChange by phone or write to them? There are no online mazes: agreement, meeting, exchange.

So, if you decide to buy Ethereum in Moscow, use the services of our company. 80% of the customers come back again because they have already appreciated safety, speed and a customer-oriented approach of EggChange. We carry out not only cryptocurrency exchange for dollars and rubles in cash but we also change one type of virtual money to the other.


The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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