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There are enough offers for cryptocurrency exchange in any large city. Sites and even street newsboards are riddled with such offers. Moreover, companies offer their services by e-mail, social networks and even by calling potential customers. How not to get lost among this choice?

EggChange gives its customers the opportunity to buy Litecoin in Moscow safely and profitably. The transaction is fast, it is carried out in comfortable conditions where all wishes of the customer are taken into account. Today we will talk about the procedure mechanism, its advantage and the virtual cryptocurrency itself in detail.

Обмен Litecoin

What is Litecoin?

It is an alternative virtual coin. It is also based on Bitcoin software and its principles are anonymity, high speed of transactions and safety. The currency is considered to be more flexible than Bitcoin and easier to make changes. Good scalability allows Litecoin to replace Fiat money which is used to pay for goods and services. This is especially noticeable in European countries and America where the coin is popular.

Today Litecoin is one of the main tools in the stock exchange. The cost directly depends on supply and demand. At the public administration level the currency is not regulated in any way, and this matter remains undetermined.

Where Can You Exchange Litecoin in a Safe Way in Moscow ?

In order to buy Litecoin in Moscow you should choose the most “transparent” company. What you should pay attention to:

How is Litecoin Exchange Carried Out?

Обмен Litecoin

Step one. You contact our staff by phone, mail, Telegram or WhatsApp. Explain what you are interested in. Then you make an appointment. You will be asked to give your full name. This is necessary to be able to easily get into our office located in Moscow-City. As you know this business center is a high security facility and such a measure is necessary for your safety.

Step two. The meeting takes place in the office, in a separate room. After the usual procedures such as wallets check, money counting using a counting machine, you will wait for the transaction to be completed without anxiety. Only after it we will shake hands and say goodbye until the next meeting.

This way is very simple in comparison to stock exchanges or work performed with illegal offices. Unfortunately, they often make a fortune on a deceptive Litecoin exchange in Moscow.

Why is Our Office the Best to Exchange Cryptocurrency?

80% of customers come back to EggChange because work with us means:

By the way, we posted information about fraudulent schemes which you can find on our website in a special section. Please, read and protect yourself from being deceived.

If you rack your brains how to exchange/buy Litecoin, we have a ready-made solution. Contact us by phone 8-919-99-69-095 or other convenient way directly from the site.

Cooperation with EggChange will prevent you from your headaches as it’s always fast, reliable and transparent.



The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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