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You can spend days and hours searching for stock exchanges and profitable commissions, you will be nervous waiting for deception from those who offer you to buy Monero in Moscow. But! There is a simple and profitable way to buy cryptocurrency, they are reliable exchange offices that guarantee the safety and absence of “gray” payments. EggChange is one of them.  In this article we will talk about Monero, electronic currency, and its transactions available for Moscow residents.

XMR Information

Обмен Monero Monero or XMR differs from the rest by its anonymity as it is impossible to track. In terms of privacy it is called the best: both addresses of senders and amounts are encrypted. This is the main difference from the Bitcoin system which shows where the money is sent to.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are at the top among digital coins. Monero falls behind listed cryptocurrency only in terms of being known. But according to forecasts it is able to become top three in the near future.

Where Can You Exchange Monero in a Safe Way in Moscow?

There are several ways to exchange cryptocurrency:

How to Avoid Fraud in the Transaction?

Обмен MoneroHere are some simple tips to avoid coming across swindlers when exchanging Monero in Moscow. What should alert you?

Compliance with these points does not necessarily mean that you are going to be deceived but each of them is a good reason to think.

How is Monero Exchange Carried Out?

Exchange in a stationary exchange office is as simple as possible:

  1. You call us or write; you can do it with one click on EggChange website.
  2. When we talk, we stipulate the terms and conditions of the deal which suit you. After that we appoint the day and time of the meeting or arrival of the courier.
  3. Our office is located in the prestigious business center of Moscow-City. We are glad to see you in person and for this you need to give your real last name, first name and patronymic. Thus, an entry pass will be given for you.
  4. The exchange takes place in a separate room. After check, money counting and transaction are performed, you will be able to wait comfortably for the transaction being completed.

Why is Our Office the Best to Exchange Monero?

  1. 1. We work with no intermediary companies involved, so the transaction depends only on the company and the customer, and not on a dozen of third-parties or other factors.
  2. We care about the safety and comfort of our customers, that’s why there is a security at the entrance to the office group.
  3.  EggChange offers a fair exchange of Monero in Moscow; we neither deceive our customers no have hidden fees or payments.
  4. The transaction takes place as quickly as possible, generally up to 40 minutes together with the cash counting and waiting for confirmation of the transaction. Occasionally, the process can be a little bit longer when the network is overloaded or the transaction is carried out in the stock exchange.
    80% of our customers come back to us again. Try it by yourself as work with us is simple, safe and reliable.


The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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