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we will exchange any cryptocurrency for rubles | dollars in cash in one of our offices: Moscow | Kiev | St. Petersburg| Barcelona

No hidden payments

No intermediary companies involved

Volume up to 100 BTC

always available

If you need to make a Bitcoin exchange in Moscow quickly and safely, you should know that it is not necessary to take risks or waste your time and effort in order to find reliable companies or choose a thorny way to purchase with intermediary companies. EggChange offers you an extremely clear algorithm of cooperation without any hidden fees or schemes that are beyond your understanding.

What is Bitcoin?

Обменник биткоин в 2019Bitcoin is digital money.  You can neither touch nor feel it. There are only special registers, blockchains, where records are kept regarding whom and how much it belongs to.  This scheme is silimalr to that one which we use to pay our purchases at shops with a credit card. In this case there are no coins or papers, just money is debited from the “invisible” account. The main difference is that the information is not stored in the payment system, it is available on all devices that are used with bitcoins. Transaction data are available to anyone within the transaction period.

Nowadays bitcoins are not legalized but at the same time they not banned in Russia. There are several ways to exchange cryptocurrency.  One of the safest one is to apply for the service to companies offline.  Here you can be sure that everything is anonymous and there is no need to go through the exhausting registration and verification procedures.

Where Can You Exchange Cryptocurrency in a Safe Way in Moscow ?

It is important: First of all, take care of protecting your wallet yourself, save the passwords so that you could not loose them as there is no way to restore the keys.

How is BTC Bitcoin Exchange Carried Out?

  1. Agreement of terms and conditions. You inform us that you want to buy Bitcoin in Moscow: you call us, write by means of messengers or by e-mail. We will discuss the conditions and agree on the day and time of our meeting.
  2. Meeting off-line. At an appointed date we will wait for you in the office located in the Federation Tower where the transaction takes place in a comfortable environment.
  3. Process. We count money once again, check the wallet addresses, send the transaction and wait for the money to be credited without anxiety. And then we can arrange the next meeting. We are glad to see our clients again. And they are satisfied with the fact that they have found the best option to buy Bitcoin in Moscow.

Why is Our Bitcoin Exchange Office the Best?

EggChange ensures:

More about fees:

The figure is always different: it can be +1% or +13%. It depends on the situation in the stock exchange, mainly on the Bitcoin exchange rate and the dollar/yuan currency pair. The exchange rate also depends on supply and demand in the market.

Do not forget that tempting offers with suspiciously low fees should give rise to concerns but not enthusiasm. After all, we all know where to find free lunch.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can easily make an appointment just sending a message to WhatsApp, Telegram or to a mailing address. With us you can exchange cash for any cryptocurrency and vice versa as easy as withdraw money at a bank.



The terms and conditions of exchange are agreed upon by means of:


We meet in one of our safe, cozy offices located in Moscow| Kiev | St. Petersburg | Barcelona


We count money, check wallet addresses, send a transaction, drink coffee, communicate, wait for money to be credited


We shake hands and agree on further cooperation

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